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Programme with Sheikh Yusuf Estes

Assalamualaikum wbt,
I am helping Pertubuhan AlNidaa' to organise the programmes below
Wasalam, Shima
Pertubuhan Al Nidaa' in collaboration with IPSI ( , is organising series of talks for Sheikh Yusuf Estes, when he comes to Malaysia in Nov 2008, inshaAllah. Attached is a short profile of the Sheikh. More information can be found here:
The intention of writing to you is to offer you or any other organisation you know, to book the Sheikh for speaking engagements, either in Klang Valley or anywhere in the Southern region (Melaka/Seremban). He is available on the following dates:
i) Sunday 23/11 morning
ii) Monday 24/11 afternoon and evening
iii) Tuesday 25/11 available day only
iv) Wednesday 26/11 - available during day only
v) Friday 28/11 and Saturday 29/11 afternoon
Booking is on first come first serve, basis
The sheikh has not fixed any charges, but we'd reckon interested parties should donate generously (minimum RM1000), considering he is doing a lot of charity and da'wah works. To the organising parties, we'll accept any amount of donation to support our own charity and da'wah works, too. It'll be good if any corporate, esp. Muslim owned to take up a slot for their year-end company's annual dinner, for he is quite an "entertaining" speaker. too. Hence fulfilling the call of da'wah while treating your staff and customers.
Enclosed herewith, too, is the list of topics to choose from. You may also suggest any topic that you wish, provided you let us know much ahead, so that the sheikh can make the necessary preparations.
Another thing is, we'd like to arrange an interfaith dialogue during this time too. If you have contacts of leaders from the faiths, too. it'll be helpful. We'll probably do it either on the Monday or Thursday evening. For this purpose, we are seeking sponsorship to finance the costs of hall rental (that accommodate about 1000 pax), PA system, advertisements, tokens for the speakers, etc. We estimate the costs to be at least RM10,000.
I hope you are able to help us in any way to make the above (da'wah) events a success. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. For more details, kindly contact me at the the # below or via email.
Shima Derus


- Born in Ohio in 1944 into a staunch Christian Family

- have established music studios, stores, TV and radio programs and outdoor entertainment for fun (and profit).

- was a music minister and even used a pony ride and entertained the children as "Skippy the Clown."Very successful in his businesses

- have served as Delegate to the United Nations Peace Conference for Religious Leaders

- Came into Islam in 1991 at the age of 50

- Upon reversion into Islam spent several years in Egypt to study Arabic and Islam

- 8 years after his reversion, became the National Muslim Chaplain in Washington DC

- Since then, he had been travelling the world (from Canada to India and currently having serried of talks in Australia and New Zealand ) giving lectures in Islam and sharing the message of the Christ of the Quran in Islam.

- Held dialogs and discussion groups with all faiths and enjoy the opportunity to work alongside rabbis, ministers, preachers and priests everywhere.

- Also work in the institutional area, military, universities and prisons.

- His primarily goal is to educate and communicate the correct message of Islam and who the Muslims really are.

- Thousands have came into Islam after listening to him including William Rodriguez whose talk was hosted BAKIT in Jly 2007 (attended by nearly 700 pax)

More info here:

One of the Sheikh’s lectures can be watched her:

According to the person who uploaded this video, 135 People accepted Islam after this lecture (can be seen they declared their shahadah…)

1.) Topics Catagories - For Lectures - Conferences - Seminars


Sharing ISLAM - With Muslims

Explaining Islam vs. Other Religions

  • Monotheism (Tawheed)
    • Proof God Exists
      • Creation vs. Evolution
      • Common Sense Proofs
      • Science Proof God Exists
    • Why the Name "ALLAH"?
      • Tawheed vs. Shirk
      • Examples


  • Relavance
  • Importance
  • Aspects
  • Workshops

Dealing With Harsh Questions

  • Methodology of the Prophet, peace be upon him
  • Using Harsh Questions to the Advantage
  • Examples
  • Turning Enemies into brothers and sisters

Giving Shahadahs

    • Preparing and Explaning
    • Confirming and Assisting
    • Follow Up
    • Proper Examples
    • Economic Support
    • Moral Support

Sharing Islam - With Non-Muslims

Meaning of Words

  • "ISLAM"
    • As a "Verb"
    • As a "Noun"
    • As a "Religion"
    • Who Are The Muslims?
    • What Do They Want?
  • World's Fastest Growing Faith
    • #1 Canada, USA, British Kingdom?
    • Arabs? Non-Arabs?
    • Women Are #1?
  • Purpose of Life
    • Why We Were Created
    • What We Should Do
  • Salavation
    • Emotion vs. Facts
    • Equality and Justice
  • Quran
    • Meanings
    • Logical Proofs
    • Science
  • Women's Role
    • Rights
    • Marriage
    • Fairness vs. Equality
  • Knowledge
    • Proper Knowledge
    • How to Aquire
    • How to Use Knowledge

[TOP] 2.) Titles of Popular Programs

These types of subjects are fine for most occassions of course. If you have topics other than these, please contact our office to determine if we are able to provide what you need.


  1. "Islam Exposed" - The truth about the world's fastest growing religion
  2. "Truth About the Muslims" Everything you want to know - but were afraid to ask
  3. "Affects of Islam on Women" - Why are so many entering Islam?
  4. "Bible, Quran and the Last Days" What they didn't tell you in church
  5. "Jesus - When He Returns to Earth" What Will the Muslims Say Then?
  6. "Science, Bible and Quran" What is the real truth they are hidding?
  7. "Terrorism, Islam And the West" What Can We All Do About It?
  8. "Allah or God?" Bible Gives the Answers - Quran Proves It!
  9. "How Do Muslims Really Treat Their Wives?" Truth and details at last!
  10. "Islam in American Military" - Why are so many accepting Islam?
  11. "Prison Shahadahs" What are they really doing?
  12. "Kill Them Where Ever You Find Them..." What does this mean? Why?
  13. "Christians, Muslims and Jews - Holy Wars or Big Business?" Get the Facts Now!
  14. "Salvation of a Muslim - In The Bible? Or the Quran?" Find Out What God Says!
  15. "Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering?" Find out what Muslims think.
  16. "Islam?! - What Would Moses And Jesus Say to Muslims?"
  17. "Know God - Know Peace! No God? - No Peace!" Do Christians & Muslims Agree?
  18. "Share the Message of God, Scriptures and Salvation with Muslims" Do it now!
  19. "Angels, Holy Books of God, Last Days, Hell and Paradise - All Spelled Out!"
  20. "Sharing Salvation And Scripture With Muslims and Their Scholars - Be There!"
  21. "The Faithful Muslim - What Is He Promised? - Get the True Facts!"
  22. "Priests, Preachers and Ministers Entering Islam? - Truth Revealed At Last!"
  23. "Religion, Science and Common Sense - Experts Prove Science AND Religion!"
  24. "Christianity and Islam At the Intersection - Don't Get Caught in the Crosswalk."
  25. "Violence, Sex, Terrorism, Homosexuality - What Is Religion Coming to Anyway?"
  26. "Can God Make A Rock So Big, He Can't Carry It? - Find Out What Islam Says!"
  27. "How to Call On God - And Get Real Answers
  28. "God's Name? Jesus? Muhammad? - Or Allah?" American chaplain brings proof!
  29. "What Is Happening With Islam and Muslims?" Retired Chaplain Explains All
  30. "Muslims - Do They Really Fear God?" Or is God "Love"?
  31. "Brotherhood or Brother Hoods? - What's happening in the streets?
  32. "Is Life A Prison? Or Paradise?" Learn how to escape and be free forever!
  33. "Opening Bridges With Christians, Muslims And Jews" Message of Cooperation
  34. "Salvation By Grace For Here And Hereafter" - What Islam says about Grace.
  35. "What Muslims Didn't Understand About the Bible" - How Quran can help.
  36. "Christians Looking At Quran - Answers From the Bible" Compare and see.
  37. "Adam's Religion - Was it Jewish? Christian? Muslim?" True Religion of God?
  38. "Food And Faith - A Real Night of Power For Believers!" (Ramadhan of course)
  39. "Jesus Or Muhammad?" Why Quran Speaks So Highly of Jesus And Christians?
  40. "Does Islam Equal Terrorism? - See Why Muslims Do What They Do!"
  41. "Common Sense And Islam - Can They Be Used In the Same Sentence?"
  42. "What Happens At Death - According to Islam and Muslims?"
  43. "Purpose of Life" Explained From Muslim Point of View - Understanding At Last
  44. "Death and Dying - What Does a Muslim Have to Fear?"
  45. "Why Are Scientists And Doctors Turning to Islam for Answers?"
  46. "Answering Attacks Against Islam"
  47. "Turing 'Harsh Questions' into EZ Shahadahs" Amazing truths and facts.
  48. "Do Dawah Now"
  49. "No Brainer" Scientific Proofs for the Scientists (humorus and enlightening)
  50. "Daddy, Tell Me About God" - A Father's EZ Explanation of Allah in Islam
  51. "Internet Sharing & Inviting" - Where Is It Going?
  52. "New Muslims - What's Next?" Solutions for major problems.

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