Monday, September 14, 2009

International Conference on Medicinal Use of Honey

2nd International Conference on Medicinal Use of Honey

Date: January 13-15, 2010

Venue: Kota Bharu / Malaysia

Contact Person:
Prof. Nor Hayati Othman, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Clinical Research Platform Health Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia
16150 Kubang Kerian, Kelantan,Malaysia
tel:+609 767 2350/+609 767 2354
fax:+609 7656291

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


International Peace COnference 2009

"Peace - The Solution for Humanity"

Peace, internal and external - be it on an 'individual' or at a 'worldwide collective 'level, is a must for effective human progress and realistic global unity.

Peace perishes in the use of force or deceit or destroyed - no matter which side of the fence you are on - you are bound to lose. Upholding justice and human rights, eradicating poverty, as well as incalculating moral values based on our Creator's diving guidance are a must for achieving World Peace. We cannot achieve effective world peace without goods governance and morally sound human beings.

The conference will focus on presenting the proper understanding of "Islam" and its message of "peace" for the entire humanity in an effective and objective way as well as allay the misconceived fear and hatred towards Islam and Muslims worlwide. It would create a better awareness and understanding of Islam as a just, righteous and peaceful way of life.

For people of all beliefs, this conference will be a learning opportunity to realize, reflect on and correct their misconception about Islam, in the light of talks by authoritative and renowned international speakers.


Abdur Raheem Green (UK)

Yassir Fazaga (USA)

Yasir Qadhi (USA)

Hussain Yee (Malaysia)

Salem Al Amry (UAE)

Dr. Jamal Badawi (Canada)

Ziaullah Khan (Canada)

Assim Al Hakeem (Saudi Arabia)

Yusuf Estes (USA)

Saeed Rageah (Canada)

Dr. Bilal Philips (Canada)

Dr. Jaafar Idris (Sudan)

Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan (Egypt)

Dr. Zaghloul Elnaggar (Egypt)

Riaz Ansary (USA)

Haitham Al Haddad (UK)

Imam Suhaib Webb (USA)

Dr. Ahmed Ibn Saifuddin (Saudi Arabia)

Jimmy Jones (USA)

Yahya Ibrahim (Canada)

Sadullah Khan (South Africa)

Abdul Bary Yahya (USA)

Abu Usamah Atthahabi (USA)

Ammar Amonette (USA)

Asim Hafeez (UK)

Iqbal Sacranie (UK)

Saleh Al Munajjid (Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Shuaib Sayyed (India)

Ather Khan (India)

Fariq Zakir Naik (India)

Dr. Zakir Naik (India)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Hikmah dan Tujuan Ibadah Puasa

Contact person: Bro Norman 019-2723960

More video of DR MAZA's lectures?