Thursday, March 10, 2011

Volunteer Drive: Be an Ihsaan Superhero

Wondering what we have in store for you this time? Through our previous e-mail we helped you to break all the shackles that were holding you back from enrolling for the seminar. This time around, we are the ones looking for some help from you. Yes, we are IN NEED of some volunteers who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us to make this noble event a success, inshaAllah.
Allah's Messenger, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said, "Allah is at the assistance of a person so long as that person is at the assistance of their brother."

Volunteers are the REAL SUPERHERO of AlMaghrib. One of the main factors behind success of any event is the hard work put in by the volunteers. And when it is for the sake of Allah, the rewards are also from Allah. Allah Subhanahu wa Taala asks, "Is the reward for ihsaan [anything] but ihsaan?" (55:60)
List of Areas where We Need Your Help during the Seminar:
•Floor Manager (1 brother)
•Cameraman (1 brother)
•Parking arrangements (4 brothers)
•Registration (3 brothers & 3 sisters)
•Food arrangements (2 brothers & 2 sisters)
•Ushers (2 brothers & 2 sisters)
•Cleanliness (1 brother & 1 sister)
•Calling people back after breaks (1 brother & 1 sister)
•Giving out cards for Q&A, collecting and pasting GEMS on the board (2 brothers & 2 sisters)

So are you ready to volunteer for the sake of Allah? Write in to or call +6013.399.8837 your details and area of interest. Applications due Saturday, March 19 2011.

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