Monday, February 2, 2009

Short revision on solat for reverts

Salaam wbt.

InsyAllaah Al-Khaadem Centre will be having a short revision on solat for the reverts.

Details are as follows:

Date : 17 February 2009 (Tuesday)

Time : 8.15 pm - 10.00 pm (Isya' berjemaah)

Venue : Al-Khaadem Centre, Kayu Ara, PJ. (near Damansara Utama)

Targeted Participant : Reverts or anyone who is yet to be a muslim (Ustaz Hussein Yee's says there's no limits on the number of pax)

Registration Fee : Free Of Charge (FOC)!! No form required

No refreshment will be provided and materials used shall be confirmed soon.

Kindly extend this info to all ur family n friends..

Should u need further clarification pls contact Zul at 012-3544014 or Imran at 012-3085711

JazakAllaah Khair

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